Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

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Here we are listing the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds,There are thousands of Dog bite cases all over the world,specially in Developing countries where Dogs can be found on Streets,it’s not that the Street Dogs are responsible for all the cases,obviously sometimes Pet Dog are also responsible for these cases,However some of the Dog breeds are aggressive since the birth it is most probably because of the genes However training and proper care of any Dog can have impact on dog which is found in every Pet Dog,But still some of them are dangerous and have been found in lots of surveys on Dogs,Here we are listing top 10 dangerous Dog breeds-

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds-

1.PitBull-The Pitbull Dog breed comprises of different dog breeds namely-American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier and any crosses between the three dog breeds.The Pitbull Dogs are also used in lots of illegal Dog Fighting in USA.
Pit Bull breeds have become famous for their roles as soldiers in the army by helping the Human soldiers,as  police dogs, and as search and rescue dogs, actors, television personalities, seeing eye dogs and celebrity pets.
A pit bull is a fearless dog that will take on any opponent. They will lock their jaws onto the prey until it’s dead.


2.Rottweilers-Rottweiler Dogs are from medium to large size breed of domestic dog that originated in Rottweil, Germany,The dogs were known as “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market.
Rottweilers Dogs are now used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs or police dogs.
They are an extremely intelligent breed  That’s why they make great guard dogs, but poor training can lead them to become very aggressive and disobedient.
Pitbull and  Rottweiler are responsible for an estimated 60 percent of all dog bite fatalities.

3.Siberian Husky-Siberian Husky is a medium-size, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia. The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family,Huskies are  active, energetic, and resilient breed, Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi of Northeastern Asia to pull heavy loads long distances through difficult conditions,Because they were originally bred for work and typically did not socialize with humans, this large breed can have behavioral issues and sometimes mistaken children for prey.

4.Alaskan Malamutes-Alaskan Malamute is a generally large breed of domestic dog . They are sometimes mistaken for a Siberian Husky due to color and markings, but they are quite different in many ways including size, structure and personality. As pets, once mature, Alaskan Malamutes have a very quiet, dignified temperament and are loyal to their owners.

5.German Shepherd-The German Shepherd Dog , also known as  Alsatian or just the German Shepherd, is a breed of large-sized dog . German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899. As part of the Herding Group, the German Shepherd is a working dog developed originally for herding and guarding sheep. Because of its strength, intelligence and abilities in obedience training it is widely used by police and military,German shepherds are very intelligent and friendly. But their jaw strength and natural instincts make them equally dangerous in certain situations.

6.Great Dane-The Great Dane, also known as German Mastiff or Danish Hound, is a breed of domestic dog  known for its giant size.The Great Dane is one of the world’s tallest dog breeds,but they are also known for developing aggressive behavior with poor training. At 150 lbs with inches-long teeth, an aggressive dog presents a very dangerous scenario, especially around children.

7.Doberman Pinscher-Doberman Pinscher or simply called as Doberman, is a breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Doberman Pinschers are one of the most common Dog Breed, and the breed is well-known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion dog. They are known for responding aggressively to physical corrections in training,Therefore they can be dangerous.

8.Chow Chow- Chows are extremely territorial. Any strangers entering the property or approaching family members are considered a threat by this breed, and even well-trained dogs are known to aggressively defend their territory,Sometimes can be too much dangerous.

9.Presa Canario-The Perro de Presa Canario is a large Molosser-type dog breed originally bred for working livestock. The name of the breed is Spanish, means “Canarian blood hound,” and is often shortened to “Presa Canario” or simply “Presa.”
Originally bred to guard and fight with cattle, an attack by this dog has been described as hopeless for the victim. They are a guardian breed with man-stopping ability, incredible power and a complete lack of fear.

10.Boxer-Boxer is a breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dog. The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colors are fawn or brindled, with or without white markings, which may cover the entire body.Boxers are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the United States.These dogs are not typically aggressive by nature. They are bright, energetic and playful breed. Boxers have been known to be “headstrong”, which makes it a bit difficult to train them but with positive reinforcement techniques, Boxers often respond much better.


  1. Neehar says

    Siberian Huskies are not dangerous. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to Siberian Huskies. Despite their resemblance to the wolf, Huskies typically have a friendly temperament. They are wonderful companions and are great family dogs. However, Huskies are not meant to be guard dogs. In fact, a Siberian will greet a stranger at the door, with a wagging tail and perhaps a “whoo” showing excitement.

    Huskies are very affectionate, curious dogs, with high levels of energy. As a working breed, they are extremely energetic and love to run and pull. They require lots of exercise, so fenced in yards are recommended. If not given the proper exercise, Huskies can become quite the terror. They have been known to destroy furniture, anywhere from sofas to table legs, dig holes in the yard, or anything else they find to help release their energy, especially during the puppy phase.

    Siberians also have a high prey drive. It is in their nature to attack small animals, such as squirrels, rabbits, birds and even house cats. There is a greater chance when a Siberian puppy has been raised with a cat, that the two can possibly share a home together.

  2. Chelsea says

    I concur with Neehar’s comment. Plus why are bull terriers not on this list? They are vicious and regularly attack people.

  3. Adin says

    Well, depends how you teach them to be. If you teach them to be agresive, they won’t be so friendly… And cuz of that wolf part of them, then they are very dangerous.

  4. Maria says

    NO dog breed is dangerous. The only breed on this planet that is dangerous are humans. I don’t care if a dog bit or attacked a human, it has its reasons and I am pretty sure it is because of its owner or human kind. Why do you think pitbulls are on top? Well greedy and heartless people use them and breed them as fighters for money. Millions of animals are tortured and destroyed every day. This world is a sad and petty and I wished the world ended in 2012.

  5. says

    Obviously Human have harmed a lot the nature for his own greediness.
    But Mam i want to live some more years,so please don’t wish something like that.

  6. Nina says

    The Pit Bull in the picture isn’t a tough dog at all. He’s a sweet little baby who isn’t euthinized like people believe, but well and happy. I don’t know why they are saying he was put down when he is with his owner. The owner didn’t give their consent at all. I would also like to tell you that Pit Bulls don’t lock their jaws. That is a total myth.

  7. don says

    The temperament of the Siberian husky is “friendly and gentle,” according to the AKC website. This breed does not display the traits of a guard dog and is not a suitable dog for training in police or protection work. Siberians are not usually aggressive with other dogs and tolerate strangers, both human and canine, well. The Siberian is intelligent and has a quiet “reserve and dignity” as it matures. The Siberian is eager to learn and to please, making it a suitable companion dog for families.

    As an an owner of now my second siberian husky,I can say without a shadow of a doubt that putting a Husky third on this list is a total load of crap. My husky is the sweetest dog that loves everyone. I had my first husky before I had my daughter and she was great with as as a infant. There is no way that a pure breed Husky would hurt anyone

  8. don says

    Siberian Huskies are more part wolf than any other dog. Thats something people have always believed. They have no more wolf in them than a poodle does. All dogs come from wolves.

  9. Trista says

    Great Danes should not be in this list… As a proud owner of several and currently two I have never met a more gentle dog in all my life… Laid back and very in tune to his owner. I also agree if a dog attacks it’s probably due to human error or mental stress of the dog…

  10. Colten says

    Clearly whoever made this list only put the husky here based solely off image…. there is no way anyone who has actually met a husky would consider them “dangerous”. This list should be composed of toy breeds. Those tend to be the nastiest.

  11. Denise says

    Ok … I have said over and over again ,,, it is NOT the breed . it is HOW they are RAISED by the OWNER(S) … i have 4 of the top most dangerous dogs on this list …. German Shepherds which are all at least 100 pounds or more.. my 82 yr old mother in law has the #1 on the list ,.. I can say that our dogs are the most lovable dogs and even our Vet compliments on how well mannered they are .. no mussels for them … SO … with the Pit .. my mother in law’s dog is so darn sweet … he literally hugs you when you come in her house .. and when he comes up here all 5 dogs get a long terrific … so I say . it is the owner …I am very proud owner of my 4 dogs and i would not blink an eye to even get a couple of pit bulls … they are beautiful animals … maybe some should do a study on the top 10 dangerous kids … starting with the monsters of the “knock out game” seriously … again it would be the parents and how their children are raised or no raised … so take that and shove it in your hat!!!

  12. Kitty says

    I have a rotty and I work as a canine beautician, and u will be surprised at this bit if info…….westies are very viscious and my rotty is actually scared of a chihuahua in the day care room…’s not the breeds of dogs it’s the owner!!!!! Get your facts right before posting such dribble!!!! Funny how not 1 dog on here is a small dog. I have read arrivals on how small dogs have torn children’s faces apart and seriously injured other dogs and people so all dogs CAN be dangerous not just big 1s, society today feels that it is acceptable for a small dog to jump up at people and find it cute but if a big dog does it….well let’s just say the situation changes!!!! Small minded uneducated views are what u r posting here!!!!!

  13. JFitz says

    This list is absolute rubbish. Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds and at no.10 you have a boxer – why? The blurb even acknoweledges that boxers are not agressive. Did you run out of dogs to put on the list and choose a dog with an aggressive sounding name? Boxers are one of the least dangerous breeds you will ever meet. I suggest you do your research and publish something worth reading rather than this made up drivel.

  14. michelle says

    Totally disagree! I have a gentle shepherd and have had numerous chows who wouldn’t hurt anyone. This list is wrong!

  15. Tosha says

    Okay. Why are boxers even on this list besides the fact they are headstrong!? And humans aren’t? I own two Boxers. Full bred. A brindle and a fawn and they are the sweetest and most intelligent animals I have ever owned in my life. They are number 10 on the list, and I did not see one negative or dangerous comment in your little description. You my friend are completely uneducated when it comes to dogs. Also… most of the dogs on this list.. aren’t dangerous. HA what a joke you are my darling!

  16. Jiggi says


  17. says

    absolitely very rubbish ,i have seen the fighting of german sepherd vs rowtwiller with my own eyes.rowtwiller get loss the fighting.and i am sure that german sepherd should be in the 2nd no

  18. scott says

    An article based on sh1t. I can’t speak for all of the breeds but Siberian Husky and Boxers are not dangerous. Both breeds are extremely social and great with children. People confuse Boxers with Pits. Many Huskys are kept for mushing and are not socialized. That can be a huge peoblem .

  19. sophie says

    I disagree with the siberian husky and german shepherd. They are very affectionate and it is not true that they have the most wolf in them. They don’t. I think chihuahuas are more vicious then them and I was shocked they weren’t on the list. Siberians and German Shepherds are so sweet and are only viscous if you train them and treat them badly or make them fighting dogs. Actually every dog is not viscous but we have made them like that. We made the Pit-bull viscous so why do we kill them We are destroying are own creation. We should have just have left that breed alone and shouldn’t have bred it to be violent.